Cop Shot and Kill Wanted Drug Trafficker During a Traffic Stop

The incident started when Officer Robert Smith pulled over an SUV for a tag issue in Emerson, which is about 38 miles northwest of Atlanta. As Smith approached the driver for the first time, everything seemed normal. “Let me go check everything and I’ll be right back with you,” said Smith. It turned out the driver, 27-year-old Brent Brannon, was wanted on several felony warrants, including drug trafficking and gun charges. “Step out of the car for me,” Smith asked, moments before using his taser. The taser didn’t work and moments later the encounter took a deadly turn. “Drop the gun, shots fired shots fired,” shouted Smith. More than a dozen shots were fired, and as the adrenaline slowed, Smith could be seen pacing in front of his car, clearly shaken. He could then be heard off camera briefly explaining to another officer what happened.



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