Producer Young Chop Gets Punched By Security Guard During A3C Music Fest

Just about everyone in the hip-hop industry is in Atlanta right now for the annual A3C music festival and conference. As noted in a prior post, Chicago producer Young Chop is in the area for the weekend, however he's making headlines more than the event itself after getting into an altercation last night with a security guard. Young Chop claims the security guard in question "was hating the whole night," so he decided to simply kill him with kindness. Chop then proceeded to shout out My Mixtapez for the event, and called their security "b****es" in the process. "So he felt some type of way when I said those things on stage," he explains. "He disrespected me as a man. And you know, I tends [sic] to take that offensive[ly]." At this point in the video above, the security guard appears and punches Young Chop, enticing a brawl on stage as several people try to break it up. Watch the incident unfold and Young Chop's response to it all above.



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