The family of a Michigan teenager shot to death by a police officer filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the cop this week, saying he repeatedly violated the boy’s civil rights during a traffic stop that ended with the victim shot seven times in a roadside snowbank. The lawsuit follows a June decision by local prosecutors not to charge Sgt. Jonathan Frost of the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office for the Feb. 28 killing of 17-year-old Deven Guilford following a confrontation that was partly captured by the officer’s body camera and the boy’s cell phone. Frost said Guilford attacked him, knocking him on his back and punching him in the face before he shot the boy. The fight itself was not caught on video. But Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney Douglas Lloyd reviewed other evidence, including wounds on Frost’s face, and agreed with the officer’s account, calling Guilford the aggressor and concluding that Frost acted in self-defense.



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