6 Time Felon Killed in Shootout by 13 Year Old Boy During Home Invasion

A brave 13-year-old boy intercepted two felons who were attempting to break into his house using his mother’s gun while he was home alone. The boy saw the men trying to break into his home through the back door, at which time he began to get nervous. He then grabbed his mother’s gun and began firing at them. But then the robbers did the unthinkable and returned fire. The boy then chased the suspects out of his home and continued to fire at their vehicle as they drove off. In the heated shootout, one suspect (Lamar Anthwan Brown) was shot three times in the chest and was dropped off outside of the emergency room by his accomplice. He died within minutes of arriving. The second suspect (Ira Bennet) Later turned himself in. -When #Blessed tried to be Gangsta....



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