Crazy Guy Tries to Grab for Female Cop’s Gun

The incident happened inside the Marathon gas station on Main Street in Butler around 2 p.m. The officer was there on an unrelated call, and incident was caught on surveillance video. Matthew Fleeger, 36, of Butler, is accused of approaching the officer from behind and pulled at her gun. The officer pushed him away, only to have him make at least two more attempts at the gun. “The gentleman came up and attempted to disarm her, grab a hold of her service weapon off her belt,” said Capt. David Dalcamo, of Butler City Police. “She was able to pull away from him.” The officer ordered Fleeger to get on the ground and he refused to comply. She deployed her Taser, but Fleeger’s thick coat prevented it from being effective. Fleeger fled the store on foot, but the officer caught up to him and got him on the ground. She had previously called for backup, which arrived quickly.



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