Feds Release Video of Guy Knocking out Elderly Black Man in Hate Crime Attack

The U.S. Department of Justice released the cellphone video recorded by Conrad Barrett, the so-called “knockout guy,” who was convicted of a hate crime for punching an elderly black man in the face. “I have to step up the courage,” Barrett, says in the video moments before the attack outside a Fulshear shopping mall. “For about a week now, I have been unable to go through with the plan,” he says. “The plan is to see if I hit an elderly black person would this be televised nationally?” The video was a central part of the case against Barrett, 29, who was recently sentenced to 71 months in federal prison. The video was released Friday following a Freedom of Information Act request by the Houston Chronicle and other media companies on the grounds it had been introduced in court as evidence. The videotaped attack took place on Thanksgiving weekend in 2013, and left the 79-year-old victim with a broken jaw and missing teeth.



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