He Got Cheated: Man Pulls out Scale to Verify Weight of Mickey D’s Quarter-pounder

Now more than ever it's important to have street smarts, as they can be applied to the average person's life on a number of occasions throughout their day. One man who wasn't sold on the actual weight of the Mickey D's quarter-pounder put his to use recently, and it just goes to show you anything you learn can be used to your advantage. In the video above, Jon Jackson (a.k.a. Dirt Diggla) expected a four-ounce burger (with cheese) from McDonald's, but once it was cooked and served to him it was pretty clear it weighed less. To prove this to the cashier, Jon pulled out his trusty scale and the burger did not, in fact, weigh four zips. "When u leave the streets but they still in u.. SAVAGE!!!!



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