Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach House Seized to Satisfy Unpaid $2 Million Judgement

Miami-Dade Police officers busted down the doors of Lil Wayne‘s La Gorce Island mansion this afternoon, and then rolled out dollies loaded with the rapper’s possessions. The mass repo operation was ordered by a county judge on Friday, court records show — all because Wayne wasn’t paying the bills on millions he owed to a company for a leased private jet.* Lil Wayne has been locked in a legal tussle with the Miami-based Signature Group over unpaid bills, and in September Judge Lisa S. Walsh found in favor of Signature to the tune of $2 million. To recover that cash,*Signature Group asked Walsh to authorize a “break order,” basically giving them permission to storm Wayne’s house — with or without permission — to obtain his assets. The Signature Group’s initial request was denied, because the judge said they hadn’t proved he had property inside the $11 million waterfront house.



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