Man Allegedly Kills His Baby Mother After Spending His Weed Money on Diapers

Marqua Wilson, a single mother in Pittsburgh, was shot in the head by her baby daddy and you wont believe the reason. Wilson was having an intense argument with Markese Reese, who is the father of her three-year-old daughter. The altercation sparked after Markese demanded Wilson to reimburse him for money he spent on their child’s diapers. His reasoning?… The money was supposed to be spent on weed. Wilson initially agreed to give him his money back but the argument later continued. A witness was present in the house and took the children downstairs when things became violent. Shortly after there was a gunshot and Reese reportedly fled the scene covered in blood. Police discovered Marqua Wilson upstairs with a gunshot wound to the head. Reese was later arrested and charged for the murder. According to a witness, he told police that they were fighting over the gun when it accidentally went off.



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