Ronda Rousey Admits What She Did to Her Boyfriend After Secretly Taking Nude Pics of Her

Just like she does during her fights, Ronda Rousey took control the moment she discovered her then-boyfriend had secretly taken nude pictures of her. Rousey has come under fire for a violent incident with an ex-boyfriend that she recounted in her autobiography, “My Fight/Your Fight.” People are comparing her behavior in this incident to that of boxing star Floyd Mayweather. She says she was acting in self-defense during a violent encounter with an ex-boyfriend. Rousey said Friday she had consulted with her attorneys about the incident and that it could have been considered kidnapping. Rousey said the ex-boyfriend, whom she referred to only as “Snappers McCreepy,” took nude pictures of her without her consent and blocked her from leaving his apartment after she confronted him about it. “I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook,” Rousey wrote. “He staggered back and fell against the door.” The fight ended when Rousey walked out to her car and he jumped into the passenger seat, asking her to hear him out, she said. “I walked around the car, pulled him by the neck of the hoodie again, dragged him onto the sidewalk and left him writhing there as I sped away,” Rousey wrote.



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